What Rabbits Eat

What Rabbits Eat - There Could Be Trouble If Your Rabbit Eats the Wrong Kinds of Food


what rabbits eatDo you want to care for a fuzzy bunny of your own? Then, you should know what rabbits eat. It is not enough to put your pet in a safe shelter and provide it with tender loving care through cuddles. It is also not enough just to feed it anything you can get your hands on. As with any other pet, you should know what rabbits eat that should be good for them. You should also know what is absolutely prohibited for a rabbit to eat. If your pet rabbit eats the wrong kinds of food, there could be trouble.

What Rabbits Eat When Domesticated

While there are commercially available foods for all kinds of pets, it is still important that you conduct your own research. Do you know that commercial rabbit food is rich in carbohydrates and fats? This means that what rabbits eat commercially-speaking are unhealthy foods that will only serve to give them gastro-intestinal problems and obesity. They should instead eat foods that are rich in fiber. Being an herbivore, the rabbit is actually designed to digest fibrous foods. You should feed your rabbit vegetables and grass, things that they could be eating if they are out on their own. What Rabbits Eat in the wild are their natural food sources. What is natural for them should be good for them.

Feeding your Rabbit

When you feed your rabbit, you should vary the types of vegetables they eat every day. While vegetables and other fibrous foods are healthy eats, rabbits should also experience some variety. Serve your pet rabbit with fresh vegetables, not leftover rotten ones that your family has decided not to eat. If you want your pet to keep healthy, you should feed them healthy and fresh foods. You could plant some of the vegetables in your yard if you want a steady supply, not only for your pet but also for your family. As for your pet, you should feed it 250 grams for every kilogram of its own weight.

Giving your Rabbit Supplements

You do not need to give your rabbit vitamins or any sort of health supplement. If you are feeding your rabbit right, there is no need to worry. Your pet rabbit is definitely getting its fill. Just make sure that you provide at least three varieties of foods a day. This way, your rabbit can pick the one it likes best. Your pet may even snack on its own droppings. These droppings actually do something good for a rabbit's health, disgusting though it may seem.

Your rabbit needs healthy, varied and fibrous vegetables. It is not expensive to feed. However, you need to make sure it gets what it wants, through giving it choices.



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