Why Raise Rabbits?

Here are some good reasons for your considerations:

raising rabbits as a family hobby for semi-rural and urban families while supplementing their meat supply in a nutritious way
raising rabbits as a companion or pet for the owners
raising rabbits as an alternative livestock
raising rabbits as a means of utilizing small rural holdings in a profitable manner
raising rabbits as more efficient means of converting feed ingredients into a healthy meat for human consumption compared to the traditional farm animals
raising rabbits as an excellent learning and enjoyment experience in institutional settings (long term care facilities, etc.)
rabbit pelts are sometimes used in clothing and accessories, such as scarves, hats, wools, etc


Rabbit Selection Criteria?

There are several things you need to consider when deciding which rabbit to get.

Use Will your rabbit be used for meat, fur, wool, breeding of just a pet?
Weight Do you want your rabbit to be small (2-6 lbs), medium (7-9 lbs), large (10-11 lbs) or giant (over 11 lbs)?
Color What color rabbit do you want?
Price What kind of rabbit can you afford? What will you need to care for your rabbit?


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