Raising Rabbits

Raising Rabbit - Effective Ways On How To Take Care Of Your Rabbits And Make Your Bunny Happy


raising rabbitsRabbits are basically easier to raise than other domesticated animals. They are easy to breed, easy to feed, easy to clean and take care of. On the other hand they are also easy to get sick and easy to get injured. That's how sensitive their systems are. And that's why you need to learn about effective ways on raising rabbit.

The best thing to do is equip yourself with the essential knowledge you need if you are planning to make business out of rabbits. But if you just want it as pet then this one is also for you. Raising rabbit is not tricky at all. The problem is how do you take care of them?

Learn About Basic Rabbit Behaviors and Their Meanings

Learning about rabbit behavior may seem weird. But it is one of the essentials in learning about your pet or your livestock. The rabbit's body language and behavior can tell you lots of things. Their behavior can tell you if they are sick, happy or satisfied, which you need in your business. Selling a sick animal is not a good investment. Take a little of your time to learn their basic behavior. Learn most especially what rabbits do when they are sick, hungry or simple want to mate. Rabbits are also territorial so don't put males in the same hutch with other males.

Make a Bigger and Wider Hutch for Your Rabbits

Rabbits enjoy hoping and leaping around. It's part of their daily routine and exercise. Create a bigger and wider space for them to hop around into. Make sure too that the hutch is deep so that no hare can go out. If the rabbit you are raising is inside the house make a small hutch opening for it to enter and exit to. The hutch must also be warm during winter and at night. Be sure to enforce the hutch with necessary things to keep its residents happy.

Feed Them with Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Don't just feed your rabbits with feeds or rabbit pellets. Feed them too with fresh vegetables and fruits. They get all the nutrients they need in feeds but they are more satisfied and happier when you give them a little extra. Consider it a treat to your furry friends.

Increase their Human Interaction

In raising rabbit you'd want your them to be less aggressive and less territorial. You can do this by interacting with them daily. Let other people hold them or pet them. This relieves tension and they are less likely to bite when you do this.

These are just some of the essentials you need to develop in raising rabbit. There are other effective ways on raising rabbit which you can employ to make you more effective in taking care of your livestock.



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