Rabbit Farming

Rabbit Farming - 6 Considerations Before You Start Raising Rabbits


rabbit farmingRabbits are raised for show, fur, home or commercial meat production, laboratory animals, and breeding stock. People living in urban areas or on small acreages often consider raising rabbits because space requirements are minimal. Keeping rabbits can be a satisfying experience as well as contributing to the family income and diet. But the following facts should be considered before starting a rabbit project.

- Be sure there is a market for the product. There are few if any rabbit processing plants in the Midwest, thus the family table and neighbors are the primary market. The demand for rabbit has not grown like that for poultry.

- Rabbits require daily care.

- Check local zoning laws and health requirements before starting a rabbitry.

- The technology of rabbit production has not experienced the rapid advances of other livestock industries.

- Rabbits are ready to breed upon reaching maturity. The age of maturity will range from 5 months for the small breeds to 9 to 12 months for the large breeds. One buck to each 10 does is suggested as a maximum with 4 to 5 matings per week for limited use, 2 to 3 matings per week for continuous use. Breeding difficulties may occur during temperature extremes, particularly hot weather. Houses with good insulation, fan-ventilation and an evaporative-type cooling system will improve breeding during hot weather.

An adequate supply of clean, fresh water, feed, and salt spools should be available to the rabbits at all times. The condition of the doe, buck, or young bunnies will determine how much feed to give at each feeding.



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