Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch - 3 Specific Considerations Before Buying Rabbit Hutch


You may want to let your pet rabbit be domesticated while living outdoors. It is a sort of compromise between its natural habitat and its life with you. If that is what you want, you need to buy or to build an outdoor rabbit hutch. The outdoor rabbit hutch provides the sense of being in touch with nature but still domesticated.

Specific Considerations When Picking an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

1. Size

When choosing an outdoor rabbit hutch, you must make sure that it is comfortable for your pet. Just because your pet will be staying outdoors does not mean that it cannot get the kind of comfort living you are capable of giving it. Though in the great outdoors, the rabbit is still confined in the hutch. So, you need to make sure your pet will have enough space to move around inside. If you want to know just how much exact space your rabbit needs, you have to first gauge its fully-grown size. Then, multiply the area that it can take by four. The answer should be the minimum space you should provide. Of course, you can always go all out and buy a really large hutch, sort of like a mansion for rabbits.

2. Material

The design should be comfortable as well. Pick one in which your pet rabbit can move around freely without getting hurt by rough edges or hard walls or flooring. You may have decided that your pet is living outdoors and not in a cage inside your home but you should still ensure that your rabbit is not restrained by an uncomfortable hutch.

3. Safety

A rabbit living in an outdoor rabbit hutch can be vulnerable to some dangerous predators. So, you should make sure that the hutch does not only house your pet but actually keeps it safe from all sorts of harm. Your pet must also feel that sense of security. So, make sure that the hutch is built in a way that predators, even slithering snakes, cannot get into it. Your pet rabbit must not also live in constant fear. Even if a predator does not get to your pet, a heart attack may well be able to kill your pet rabbit instantly.

When you buy or volunteer to care for a pet, you take full responsibility of it. You do not just think of it as a plaything or any source of entertainment but you should also provide it with all its necessities. A hutch or cage should provide your pet comfort and a sense of security.



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