Keeping Rabbits

Keeping Rabbits - What to Consider Before You Start Raising Rabbits


keeping rabbitsKeeping rabbits as pets is a daunting but fun task. Not only are they cuddly and cute, they can also be good sources of income if they are sold for their meat. Having them as pets, however, needs dedication from the part of the owner. Some of the things that should be considered in keeping rabbits are housing, food, handling techniques, and cleaning. When it comes to housing, rabbits are animals which are very sensitive to temperature so they must be kept in a warm and sheltered spot. Rabbits should also be given a cage which has a lot of space because they get anxious if they are confined and cannot properly move. Also, female rabbits are territorial so owners should also be careful when it comes to reproduction. In breeding, the female rabbit should be the one to be placed on the cage of the male because doing otherwise may just lead to fighting.

Females are also more sensitive if they are pregnant. In rearing rabbits which are nearing delivery, one must prepare a nest lined with materials to keep the mother warm. The nest can be made of a simple cardboard or litter box which should be lined with hay or wood shavings. In creating a nest, it is not recommended to use newspapers or tissue because these materials do not sufficiently hold warmth in them. Moderating the temperature is important in keeping rabbits because the more body heat these animals use, the higher their tendency of eating too much. This concept is important for those who are raising rabbits for meat because overeating can just make them fat instead of having lean meats.

Unlike common notion, rabbits don't only survive on carrots only. These animals also need to be given a balanced diet too if they are to have longer lives and finer muscle and bone structures. Pellets and hay are good foods to give. When it comes to handling, rabbits should be lifted through their loose skin on the back of their necks with their lower body supported. Rearing rabbits also involve giving them space to move around and hop. They should be regularly given activities because being dormant will just make them overweight and weaken their muscles. The last element which should be considered is grooming and cleaning. Even though rabbits are naturally neat animals, it will be better if they are groomed every now and then. Keeping their cages clean is also very important to make them less prone to bacteria and diseases.




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