How To Raise Rabbits

How to Raise Rabbits - What Rabbits Owner Need To Know


how to raise rabbitsWhen it comes to getting a new pet, it would always be helpful if you had some background info about what it takes to raise them. This is especially true in the case of rabbits because they can be quite fragile and as such, knowing just how to raise rabbits would definitely help make everything easier for you and your new pet. There are many things to consider when it comes to raising these cute little creatures and it begins with choosing the right rabbit breed for you.

The different kinds of rabbit breeds all differ from each other in terms of size and temperament so it's quite important for you to find the right one for you. How to raise rabbits properly also depends on how well you can handle a certain breed so choosing the right one is important. When it comes to size, there are rabbits that can be quite small and weigh around 2-4 pounds. The medium ones would probably weight double that and the larger ones would weigh in at about 8 pounds and up. So consider the space that you have at home and the size of the rabbit you want. They should have enough room to run around.

Of course, the basics of how to raise a rabbit properly also include the right kind of food to give your beloved pet. Pellets are the best food to feed your rabbit because it contains most, if not all, of the different nutrients that your pet needs in order to stay healthy. If you aren't sure about which brand to choose, seeing that there are plenty of different brands available, it would help a lot if you ask a pet shop employee about what they would recommend. After all, these people would know.

Other things you should know when it comes to how to raise rabbits properly also include looking out for the smallest things molds in the pellets because they do go bad after a while and they can make your rabbit sick. You should also carefully measure the amount of feed that you're giving to your rabbit. The amount would depend on your pet's size. You should also add some kind of supplement to their diet such as hay or alfalfa. Remember that the supplements should be given moderately. Don't forget to put water in their trays and make sure that they're clean. There you have it; hopefully this gave you an idea on how to raise rabbits properly.



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