Baby Rabbit Care Tips

Baby Rabbit Care Tips - What to Look Out For and How to Care For Your Rabbits


baby rabbit careBaby rabbit care is basically a simple task because the mothers of these animals originally take over with regards to the actual nursing. The only preparation that a rabbit owner needs to take care of comes with the preparation of the litter, the nest, and keeping the temperature suitable for the baby. There is not much problem with food though most owners think that mother rabbits don't feed their young because they don't see them nursing the infants after birth. The reality, however, is that the mothers only feed the babies once a day and between 12 midnight to 5 am so most owners just don't see the deed done. When it comes to baby rabbit care, other food shouldn't be introduced to the babies if the owner is not sure that they haven't been fed. One indication to know that the baby has already been fed is when its temperature is warm and has a little round belly.

Baby rabbit care also includes creating a nest comfortable for them. A simple box can be lined with hay or any soft material to cushion the babies. Using newspaper is not recommended though because the mother has a tendency of removing the lining and placing them back again so hay or wood shredding are easier to use. In baby rabbit care, the mother should already be settled on the nest 28 days after their breeding period. Once the babies are born, maintain the cleanliness of the nest by regularly replacing the linings.

Even though it is very unlikely for the mother to not feed their babies, baby rabbit care also demand the owner to feed the babies sometimes if the babies are not being nursed. The meals can be administered to the babies by using a sterile oral syringe or eye dropper. One must be careful in feeding though, because the baby may choke if the quantity is too much. Cleaning in baby rabbit care, on the other hand, should only be done only if the mother is not around to do it because babies are more comfortable if they have their own parent touching them. In cases when the mother is absent though, a cotton ball slightly moistened with warm water should be used and the strokes should start from between the front legs of the baby down to the bottom pair. Baby rabbits usually open their eyes after 10 days but if they still have it closed even after 12 days, they should be brought to the vet immediately.




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